Some important dates from my life =)

Hi everybody! This page is about some important days for me. I think that it's very interesting for people who is reading this blog now! :)
So, I was born in 2001 and I was a small girl! There are my photos, when I was a child:

Look at this photo! This is my uncle and I! Really, I'm very small=)

And this is me, when I was a baby

And I'm older, and older, and older...

My first day at school!

This is me again! It's on the 5th of March - my friend's birthday! My FIRST friend's birthday!

There are members of my family. They are my mother, my father and me!.. ...but without my brother ((( He visited our grandparents!          

            My classmates and me now:
So, I'm ordinary girl like you) And see you!