понедельник, 30 января 2012 г.

Hello! My name is Sasha. I live in Chelyabinsk, in Russia. I love my country because Russia is a very strong country and we can see beautiful places there.

For example: Kremlin, Red Square, hero towns and other... I visited all cities in Russia!  I would to visit London. And I know many attractions of  London. London eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Greenwich park, Houses of  Parlament... And I want to tell you something about my street and my house. I live in Boleiko street. This street unfamiliar and unknown. Very few people knows about Boleiko street. It is very beautiful and native street for me. You can see views from my windows.  And I think my house is unique! Why? Because from the window I can see the river Miass. Very beautiful view opens to me. And in the summer I feel, as on nature:frogs, crickets, birds... It is a pity that in the dark you don't saw that beauty of the Russian nature! But it is fast...
Out of school I fond of music and sport. My favourite kind of sport is skating. I have skating lessons twice a week. And my favourite pop star is Avril Lavigne. Sometimes she is crazy!
See you.

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  1. Сашуля,дай мне права администратора скорее! Там же,где ты открывала блог для меня, есть строчка "дать права администратора". Умничка ты,только я тебе кое-что покажу в блоге.Жду!


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