пятница, 27 апреля 2012 г.

My classmates' blogs!

I want to introduce my classmates' blogs. They are very exciting! And I think, that it will be very interesting.

Their blogs about everything! And all of them like blogging, all of them think, that blogging is very useful and important in our life. I think that they're right! Why? Because we have a lot of problems in our life and we should help each other. Blogging is helping us give advices each other, it helping us with relations! And maybe, this boy or girl, who author of this blog will be pleasant to you!
So, you can look through all the blogs and leave comment=)

Devid's blog

Nastya's blog

Kseniya's blog

Lera's blog

Miroslava's blog

Sofiya's blog

Valerya's blog

Ksyusha's blog

Alexandra's blog


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  1. Sasha, it's so good you've presented your friends' blogs here. I agree that blogging helps us to get new knowledge and to meet new friends, but it also makes us famous))) Sasha, please, be careful with Pr.C., "to" and "to be" forms usage)

  2. Этот комментарий был удален автором.

  3. Thanks, my friends! But it isn't very difficult for me and I think, that my classmates' blogs are very interesting and nice!) And I want to be famous))) I want to introduce me and my club everywhere))


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